Nest-Protect-2The Nest Protect which was announced in October last year happened to run into some issues, having its sales halted temporarily due to safety concerns in April 2014. Following that, in May this year, the Nest Protect smart smoke detector was recalled, affecting approximately 440,000 units in the process. Well, after that short hiatus due to safety concerns, we are glad to say that the Nest Protect, a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector, is now made available again to the masses via the Google Play Store. This time around, it will retail for just $99, which is cheaper than its launch price of $119.

There is a caveat, however – the Nest Protect will arrive with one of its key features disabled. The feature that allowed users to wave their hand under the sensor in order to silence the Nest Protect will be disabled, since a solution for this particular issue is still being worked upon as at press time.

Still, without the Nest Wave (as this particular function is called), this does not mean the Nest Protect is a pushover, since it still does come with a special feature set that makes it unrivaled in the smoke detector market where its niche is concerned. It makes sense then to sell it for a more affordable price than before, and hopefully a fix will be issued sooner rather than later.

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