nespressoWe’re sure you’ve seen some sci-fi movies where the food that is eaten resembles capsules. Essentially this dispenses the necessary nutrients in the person’s body in an instant, without having to go through the hassle of cooking and eating. Convenient, right? Well it seems like Nestle is hoping to come up with something similar in the future.

The company, known for their Nespresso coffee capsules are hoping to create something similar, except that it will be food instead of coffee. The company’s researchers are actively working on tools that will supposedly be able to analyze a person’s nutritional needs on a personalized and customized level, so the tool thinks you’re lacking in vitamin C, it will give you more of that.

The project has been given the codename “Iron Man” back at the company. Speaking to Bloomberg, Nestle’s health institute’s director, Ed Baetge was quoted as saying, “Iron Man is an analysis of what’s missing in our diets, and a product, tailored to you, to help make up that difference. In the past, food was just food. We’re going in a new direction.”

It’s definitely an interesting idea but if you were hoping to be able to consume your food in the future like you would with the Nespresso coffee, you might be in for a wait as Nestle estimates it could take them years to develop, but what do you guys think?

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