Wearable technology is starting to become more and more mainstream in this day and age, what with the introduction of Google Glass as well as the different designs in which it will come in. Having said that, we are starting to see a new side to wearable technology that looks good to boot. PlasticLogic, the developer of ePaper displays for e-book readers as well as other devices, is now showing off a new flexible display which could see action eventually in the realm of smartwatches as well as other forms of wearable tech.

The latest display happens to be a flexible AMOLED screen which can be used in various devices such as those with a curved form factor, including timepieces as well as bracelets. The new flexible AMOLED display is touted to be able to show off up to 256 different shades of gray, where it is also capable of delivering screen refresh rates of up to 30 frames per second.

Such capability would mean it is able to be used for video in addition to viewing texts and photos, too. Flexible displays are also said to be a whole lot more tougher than usual, since there is no glass to shatter in the first place, and being able to bend makes them more malleable when subjected to the rigors of everyday use.

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