ps4-login-issuesHistory is made today, as for the first time in 8 long years, Sony has finally surpassed bitter Japanese rival Nintendo in the world of game consoles, with the former having managed to sell more game consoles compared to the latter. In the previous financial year, Sony moved 18.7 million consoles (the financial year ended in March by the way), which happens to be quite some distance ahead of Nintendo’s 16.3 million figure.

Of course, we are not just taking into account the current generation of consoles including the Sony PS4 and Nintendo Wii U, but rather, the previous generation machines such as the Sony PS3 and the Nintendo Wii too, has been taken into consideration. Of course, it also takes into account the handheld console segment which comprises of the PS Vita as well as the Nintendo 3DS. I would like to think that the Nintendo 3DS has done its fair bit to shore up Nintendo’s position in the final tally, but alas, the house of Mario has fallen to Sony this time around.

The Nintendo Wii U has been somewhat a disappointment actually, having suffered from dismal sales figures after all this while compared to the original Wii that flew off the shelves. Is this the beginning of a long and downward spiral for Nintendo? Hopefully not.

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