reveal-linqThe world of technology has certainly come a long way from its early years, pervading just about every single industry that you can possibly think of. Apart from that, the medical world, too, has benefited greatly, as a 43-year old Taranaki woman named Susan Mundt found out recently. Ms. Mundt happened to be the first recipient in New Zealand to have the world’s smallest cardiac monitor implanted.

Needless to say, Ms. Mundt claimed that she was a little bit nervous prior to the procedure – pioneers ought to go through such a feeling regardless of the field of choice, but the entire procedure took a matter of minutes to complete, and in just a few hours afterwards, Ms. Mundt claimed that she was feeling “completely normal”.

Cardiologist Dr Clyde Wade made use of the tiny Medtronic Reveal LINQ Implantable Cardiac Monitor that can wirelessly diagnose potentially dangerous irregular heartbeats across a couple of procedures. This particular success would be a step in the right direction for clinicians to further prevent the number of arrhythmia-related events, which could result in death in certain cases. Hopefully things will look up in the future when it comes to such implants, and many many more lives be saved along the way.

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