One of the rumors regarding the iPhone 6 is that it could incorporate the use of sapphire for its display. Why sapphire? Well sapphire is a lot tougher than regular glass and will be able to withstand scratches a lot better too, which is why Apple chose to use it for the camera lens and the Touch ID cover on their iPhones.

But exactly how tough are we talking about? Well thanks to a recent video by Australian blogger Sonny Dickson, he shows off the alleged 4.7-inch front panel of the iPhone 6 which apparently is made with sapphire. He then puts the front panel through some stress tests where he bends it a bit to test its strength. He also measures it, thus “confirming” some of the rumors about its 4.7-inch display.

That being said Sonny Dickson does have a pretty good track record regarding iPhone leaks, so that’s worth taking into consideration. However if you were looking for more extreme tests, Marques Brownlee has also uploaded a video which allegedly shows off the 4.7-inch sapphire panel as well. In his video below, he takes the display panel through its paces by attempting to scratch it with a pocket knife and a set of keys.

He also attempts to bend the display as much as possible, so far it looks like the panel has held up pretty well! So if you were considering an iPhone but you’re worried about its durability, well assuming the sapphire rumors are true, you might not have to worry that much with regards to its front panel.

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