Apple surely doesn’t need a reminder of how botched up the launch of Apple Maps was. The company decided to dump Google Maps in favor of a homegrown solution but for the first few months things were so bad that Apple CEO had to issue an apology for all the issues that users faced with Apple Maps. It has come a long way since then and now it looks like Apple is pouring more effort into improving and correcting POI data in the app. Some users have noticed that Apple Maps is being updated every single day with better POI data.

This was noticed by a sharp-eyed Reddit user how first saw that the application was being updated once a week for him, on every Friday. Now he sees that everyday at 3am Eastern an update is pushed out which brings new data. 3am Eastern is exactly 12am in Cupertino, which means that a team at Apple is certainly burning the midnight oil.

He notices that opening the app a minute after 3am ET causes it to reload the entire map and immediately POI corrections and updates are evident. It seems like Apple is finally making using of all the information users feed its “Report a problem” button. If there’s a POI in your area that’s incorrectly described in Apple Maps you can tap on this button and provide the correct information.

Once that information is processed it is sent out to the application. Many users on the same Reddit thread report that they too are seeing daily improvements, particularly related to POIs around their location. This forward momentum will certainly be appreciated.

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