If you’re starting to feel unwell or if maybe you think you might have come into contact with someone who might have the COVID-19 virus, you should probably get yourself tested ASAP. If you’re unsure where the testing locations are, you might be interested to learn that Apple Maps will now show you where the nearest testing locations are in your area.

Apple had begun rolling out this particular feature earlier this month, but now it looks like it has rolled out to all users where COVID-19 testing locations across the US are now being shown on Apple Maps. This will make it easier for users to find a testing location that is closest to them, or they can help friends or family members find testing locations that are in their area as well, in case they do not know about it.

Testing for COVID-19 is extremely important because while you might not necessarily be sick or have the symptoms that indicate a COVID-19 infection, there are some people who are considered asymptomatic who do not display outward signs of having the virus. This means that these people could go around infecting others without knowing it, so being tested can help health officials better identify those who have the virus in order to stop the spread.

Tapping on the locations listed on Apple Maps will bring up information about the particular test site, such as information on how testing is being done and whether or not users need to make an appointment or have a doctor’s referral letter before they go.

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