While there are travel restrictions put into place pretty much all over the world, some travel is still allowed as people need to go to other countries for work or other emergency reasons. The SOP is that whenever you come back from travel, you should self-isolate for a couple of weeks to make sure that you’re not infected with the coronavirus.

In case it wasn’t already obvious for some people, it seems that Apple has introduced a little reminder in their Apple Maps app. Thanks to a tweet by Kyle Seth Gray on Twitter, it appears that whenever Apple Maps detects that you might have been at the airport, it will then send you a little reminder that you should stay home and self-isolate if you have traveled recently.

Of course, you could be at the airport for other reasons besides travel, but the reminder will come in handy nonetheless. It actually seems like a nifty feature and will live alongside other features in Apple Maps that will show users where the coronavirus testing locations are near them.

This isn’t the only thing that Apple is doing to help deal with the pandemic. The company had previously teamed up with Google to create a framework for contact tracing to help health officials around the world keep better tabs on people who might be infected or have come into contact with those who are infected.

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