Apple Maps might not necessarily have had the best rollout or made the best first impressions, but Apple has definitely come a long way since then by constantly updating Apple Maps with new features and tools. All these updates make the service closer to its competitor, Google Maps.

In fact, a recent update introduced the ability for Apple Maps to show speed cameras on the map so that drivers know where they should slow down to avoid getting fined. The initial availability of speed cameras was limited, as expected, but now it seems that new reports are claiming that the feature has rolled out to additional countries.

The initial rollout was limited to the US, UK, and Ireland, but now the new reports claim that the feature is now available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and Taiwan. This is still a very small percentage of the world, but since this information is presumably crowdsourced, it could take Apple a while to aggregate all that information.

In the meantime, if these features are important to you, you might have to turn to a different mapping or navigation service such as Google Maps or Waze, both of whom have similar features of their own, including the ability to report accidents or police sightings.

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