record-data-transferWhen it comes to data transfer, you can be sure that there will always be a need for speed. In fact, researchers and scientists continue in their quest to roll out ways where data can be transferred faster than ever before, and we have seen the baton change hands before where networking speeds and wireless data transfer is concerned. Denmark’s researchers in DTU Photonics’ High-Speed Optical Communications Group (HSOC) have managed to achieve a brand new world record when it comes to single-transmitter data transfer, making me mull over the possibility of moving to this Scandinavian country.


How was this new world record achieved? Well, it required the use of a new kind of optical fiber, where the team is then able to hit their target transfer speeds of 43 terabits per second (!). Just in case you were wondering how much data is transferred at 43 terabits per second, we are talking about at least five 1TB hard drives that are chock full of data being transferred from place to another in a matter of under one second, tops.

That’s crazy fast no matter how you look at it, and this was done using but a single laser transmitter. There is no doubt that faster speeds have been achieved in the past with the use of lasers that measure in the hundreds of times over. [Press Release]

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