One of the most hotly anticipated games of this year is now in beta. Bungie’s Destiny, which Activision bankrolled to the tune of $500 million, is destined for release later this year. Right now the beta is up and running for PlayStation and will also go live for the Xbox next week. In its Weekly Update Bungie revealed some information about the title that is likely going to appeal to gamers. Destiny’s Guardians will be able to hop between next-generation and previous-generation consoles.

This means that the gamers’ Guardians can move between a PS4 and PS3 and similarly between an Xbox One and Xbox 360. Though Bungie points out that it would not be possible to move Guardians across product lines. PlayStation to PlayStation will work, PlayStation to Xbox won’t.

Obviously gamers will need to be logged into both next-gen and previous-gen consoles with the same account for this to work. It will help gamers who are currently on previous-gen consoles but would like to take their progress along when they move to next-gen consoles. Play Destiny on the PlayStation 3 right now, take the progress to PlayStation 4 when you buy it. Same with Xbox.

This works because Destiny players have their progress bound to a Bungie account that is linked with a PSN ID or Xbox LIVE Gamertag. It is not specific to one generation of the device, which is what makes hopping across generations so easy.

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