egg-qberEggs – this is a staple food that I simply cannot live without. Sure, eating too many eggs might not bode well for my health, but that aside, there is nothing quite like having some scrambled eggs to kick off a morning, right? It does not matter if you love your eggs fried, poached, half boiled, in an omelette, or arriving in the form of Eggs Benedict, they are simply yummy. How about introducing a twist to your meal with the Egg Q-ber?

The Egg Q-ber is an interesting addition to any kitchen since it is capable of transforming boiled eggs into cubes, where it will consign lumpy sandwiches to something that will forever remain in the past. basically, the Egg Q-ber will let you place a hard boiled egg inside, where waiting for a minute afterwards will see the egg being moulded into a cube. A square egg is great since it prevents the egg from rolling around on the plate, not to mention making it a more correct shape when it comes to sandwiches.

It has so far proven itself to be more popular in the summer as that is when most folks go around snacking on sandwiches, and there is nothing quite like the comfort of an egg sandwich – complete with mayo, of course.

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