I am not quite sure what the statistics are when it involves a fire starting in the kitchen of homes simply because someone has been careless not to turn off the stove after the water is boiled, so much so that the entire contents of the kettle has evaporated into steam, while the heat from the fire eventually does far more damage than one can imagine. Nice to know that there are devices around to help the forgetful among us – just like the Boil Buoy you see here.

This tiny device will make itself at home in the kettle that is being brought to a boil, where it will start to ring the moment the water around it is fully boiled. I guess most kettles would make a whistling sound when that happens, but sometimes, perhaps the ringing frequency might work better with your ears. Of course, you can also toss this into a non-kettle device to boil other items as well. Currently still under the development phase, the Boil Buoy is up for pre-order at $14.99 a pop.

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