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Countertop Kitchen Assistant: Updated
The Orange Chef company is launching an updated version of the Countertop, an electronic kitchen system that wants to make your kitchen “smart”. The device resembles a small cutting board (9.4″ x 6.6″ x 1.0″) and works as a knowledge source that provides step-by-step directions for you to cook. Partner devices can be diverse: in early examples include fitness trackers (via Bluetooth), blenders or crock-pots (via an adapter).

Egg Q-ber Makes Breakfast Time More Interesting
Eggs – this is a staple food that I simply cannot live without. Sure, eating too many eggs might not bode well for my health, but that aside, there is nothing quite like having some scrambled eggs to kick off a morning, right? It does not matter if you love your eggs fried, poached, half boiled, in an omelette, or arriving in the form of Eggs Benedict, they are simply […]

Japanese Researchers Make Cooking Fun With New Simulator [+Movie]
Cooking is usually fun for those who’re good at it. However, often the novice cooks may wants to try their hands on a few delicacies in a test environment. What can be better than doing it in a virtual environment and gauging your cooking skills before venturing for the real deal?Japanese researchers have made this possible by creating a cool cooking simulator. The simulator essentially brings together technology and cooking […]

Boil Buoy rings when water is boiling
I am not quite sure what the statistics are when it involves a fire starting in the kitchen of homes simply because someone has been careless not to turn off the stove after the water is boiled, so much so that the entire contents of the kettle has evaporated into steam, while the heat from the fire eventually does far more damage than one can imagine. Nice to know that […]


Belkin Tablet Kitchen Accessories
It is clear that tablets can be great kitchen computers, but most people also like to preserve space on their counter tops. To solve this problem, Belkin has released a fridge mount for iPad 2 and a cabinet mount for 7″ to 10″ tablets (it is compatible with cases too). Both mounts don’t require any tools or drilling, as the cabinet mount uses a simple clip mechanism, while the fridge […]

Refrigerator Concept Lets You Keep Your Food In The Ceiling
Baiyao Lin has come up with a new smart refrigerator concept, which he dubbed the Electrolux Health Station. His design was probably inspired by the current situation that many urban apartment dwellers are facing, especially in burgeoning cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore, where apartments are not only expensive, but are also tiny due to land constraints. So instead of wasting more precious space with a refrigerator, how about […]

Have Your Breakfast On The Go With The Portable Bagel Toaster
Sometimes we wake up late or sometimes we have to wake up early to beat the rush hour crowd but skipping breakfast is not uncommon in those scenarios, although by right we shouldn’t be skipping our breakfast, but sometimes the situation is such that it cannot be helped, so how about this portable bagel toaster that was designed by Kent Madden which allows you to make your breakfast (a bagel) […]

Chef Sleeves keep your iPad clean in the kitchen
While we’re all waiting for the cookbook app that lets us flip pages without having to touch our tablets, what do we do with all our current recipe apps that actually requires us to flip the pages? Well, the folks over at Chef Sleeve have come up with a solution.The Chef Sleeve is an FDA approved protective plastic casing specially designed for the iPad. With one of these sleeves wrapped […]

A cookbook app that won't get your iPad 2 greasy
The iPad 2 and tablets in general are very versatile devices, allowing users to pretty much use them for anything – from playing games to watching movies and reading books, as well as controlling your DVR. In addition to those regular “home” activities, some folks even bring their tablets to help them out in the kitchen. Sure it’s great that you can have access to all your favorite recipes while […]

Salt & Power Shakers
Surely you nerds out there would want a salt & pepper shaker set that is different from what your friends have on their dining tables, and it seems as though your long, torturous wait is over. Here we are with the Salt & Power Shakers – notice the twist in the latter that will definitely elicit a laugh, as this set comes in the design of two batteries which are […]

Breville VTT296 radio toaster keeps you entertained in the kitchen
Nobody likes waiting for their toaster to toast their bread, and so the folks at Breville have decided to make the whole waiting process a little more bearable by giving you some music to listen to while you wait. Combining a toaster with a radio, they created the VTT296, a slice radio toaster. This toaster can toast two slices of bread at once for you while pumping tunes out from […]

SieMatic Grid S2 gives your kitchen entertainment
SieMatic has released the Grid S2, a multimedia cabinet that gives your kitchen a home entertainment system. Don’t you just hate it when you’re waiting for something to cook, you leave the kitchen to watch some TV, forget that you were cooking and come back to an over burnt dish? Well, the Grid S2 aims to eliminate that problem – by bringing your living room entertainment into the kitchen instead! […]

iChef+ oven module concept makes you want to don a chef's hat
Check out this particular Gorenje+ exclusive that is known as the iChef+ oven module, where it will be very different from what you’ve seen in the market so far simply because it sports a generous color display which boasts of a touchscreen interface that makes cooking a whole lot easier. You know what? We’re stoked at how touchscreen display technologies have progressed over the years, but to see one implemented […]

Star Trek Inspired LCARS Touchscreen Interface Device For The Kitchen
If you can’t get Star Trek out of your head, you’ll probably be drooling over this kitchen touchscreen computer that sports a LCARS interface, bringing all those nostalgic feelings into the kitchen. The device features a calendar, train scheduler, weather mapper and you can use it to easily manage your shopping lists, not to mention browsing the Internet and downloading torrents. You can check out a video of it in […]