Baiyao Lin has come up with a new smart refrigerator concept, which he dubbed the Electrolux Health Station. His design was probably inspired by the current situation that many urban apartment dwellers are facing, especially in burgeoning cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore, where apartments are not only expensive, but are also tiny due to land constraints. So instead of wasting more precious space with a refrigerator, how about a refrigerator that is built into the ceiling instead?

The refrigerator is circular in design and is made up of 3 components – pre-store, main and a kit. The container in the kit allows for food to be stored that requires pre-heating and comes with several buttons, one of which when pressed will heat the food in it. A light green mirror, as pictured above, controls the refrigerator and by pressing the various alphabets on the right, it will perform different tasks. Basic refrigerator functions are performed with the B button. Pressing the O button below it will reorder food, for example moving pre-store to main, main to kit, etc. Pressing the S button will allow the user to see what food items are left, and will be able to order more food via the internet. U/D will allow the device to descend up or down.

Apart from just storing your food, the Electrolux Health Station will also tell you the different healthy foods available, along with a dietary regime that you could adopt, hence the name “Health Station”. It’s a pretty unique and interesting concept, especially about being able to heat food up, which could reduce the need for a microwave, saving even more space.

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