We are well aware that all good things must always come to an end, and the same applies to the epic game we know as Halo 3. It seems that the Halo 3 fan community has at long last come across the much whispered, but never really discovered, loading screen Easter Egg. Allegedly the last Easter Egg ever on the platinum selling Halo 3, it has been discovered a good seven years after the game’s release – but surely this is not as long a wait as the recently discovered cloud glitch in Super Mario World, right?

How do you engage the last Halo 3 Easter Egg? It seems that should you press both thumbsticks on Halo 3′s loading screen when the console is tricked into thinking it is Christmas, you will then have your eyes see a wider view of the Halo ring. If you were to actually peer closely, one ought to be able to make out the words “Happy Birthday Lauren!” that appears on the ring.

Apparently, this long fabled Easter Egg has been referenced to in the past in a couple of different Bungie Mail Sack Q&A sessions., where a Bungie Mail Sack 9.0 teased, “There is one Easter egg in Halo 3 that I don’t think anyone has found – I stumbled across it in code a while back. It only happens on a specific day … so good luck.”

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