laser-wound-procedureThe battlefield could prove to be a place where valiant men prove their valor as well as bravery, but there are also moments where the loss of limb, and perhaps life, occurs. Defusing bombs can be one of the more heart stopping duties that one has to undertake when one joins a certain department in the military, although we might see minesweeper robots take over that role in the future to preserve human life. However, for those who have been wounded in the theater of war, Cmdr. Peter Shumaker, chief of dermatology at Naval Medical Center San Diego, has come up with using the ablative laser to erase scar tissue, now how about that?

Normally used to smooth out wrinkled or acne-scarred skin, this ablative laser could also help wounded soldiers “heal” from the scars of yesteryear. This kind of laser treatment will also be able to remove sores, which means those wearing prosthetics ought to be able to wear one for a whole lot longer than normal.

This is definitely an unconventional treatment, and in one particular soldier’s case, the scar tissue has softened to such a degree that he is now able to hold his daughter’s hand, while another wounded soldier is able to type.

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