robot-minesweeperThere are many departments or areas that one will be able to contribute to the military, although those who are on the field, so to speak, do experience a whole lot more elements of danger than their counterparts sitting comfortably from the command center. This means there is value and wisdom in sending a robot to do a soldier’s work – and drones in theaters of war have proved effective in sustaining that theory so far. How about defusing mines? Human hands, coupled with experience, have been the popular method of defusing potentially lethal roadside bombs in the past, but a robot might soon provide another dimension in this dangerous role. An all-terrain vehicle developed by Oshkosh Defense as you see above looks like any other military vehicle, although it does come with a mine roller which is capable of clearing a path ahead of convoys without the need for a driver.

Known as the TerraMax Unmanned Ground Vehicle, it could prove successful as a vanguard or scout for manned military vehicles, as it sports mine rollers as well as ground penetrating radar which are capable of detecting and setting off mines or improvised explosive devices (IEDs). It has been built to be able to withstand roadside bomb explosions and ambushes, although there is also a limit to its endurance.

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