lol tutorialSome gamers are naturally talented in the sense that within a few minutes of playing a game, they are able to quickly grasp the nature of it and what’s required of them, and in a few hours become relatively proficient at it. Other gamers aren’t so lucky and might have to spend hours playing and watching videos before they finally get the hang of it.

Now if you’re interested in getting into the MOBA scene, Riot Games has recently announced that they will be rebooting the League of Legends tutorial system in a bid to help make the learning process easier for newbies to the game. Given that MOBAs like DotA 2 and League of Legends requires a high level of teamwork and timing, newbies tend to face a lot of scolding from their teammates if they fail to perform, so hopefully this new tutorial system will help prepare them for what’s to come.

The new tutorial system has been dubbed Intro Bots and is basically a simplified version of a full game. It will cover topics such as the combat system, although more advanced topics like tactics in multiplayer and items will not be covered.

According to Riot, “With Intro Bots we’ve picked several lessons we think are critical for new players, and give them many chances to practice. Personal quests will remind players to buy items, level up your abilities, and recall to base at appropriate times until they take such actions without prompting. For players struggling with controls, we’ve added cursor icons that indicate which mouse button is required for your current action. When new players move on from Intro Bots, they should have the strong foundation needed to continue learning and play any mode in League without feeling lost.”

What do you guys think? Will this be a useful enough for newbies to pick up some basic skills that will let them jump into a proper game after?

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