The smartwatch market didn’t take a lot of time to get populated. Almost every other major manufacturer has jumped on this bandwagon and more are thinking of doing the exact same thing. But another form of wearable devices which intrigue many people is smartglasses. There are only a handful of companies that have shown off their products up till now, Google Glass is a prime example, but don’t you think that others are not considering this form factor. Lenovo has just shown off a prototype of its smartglasses.

Granted that they do look a lot like Google Glass, but the fact remains that its only a prototype at this stage, so we don’t really know exactly what the final design might turn out to be. The battery for this device is attached down at the user’s neck.

Lenovo didn’t reveal any major details about the smartglasses at this point in time, so we don’t know what specifications it touts and what software it will run on. Though the company promises to tell us more about it come October.

Apart from unveiling its own prototype, Lenovo also said that it is partneing with U.S. based Vuzix to bring the M100 to China. The Vuzix M100 has a 1GHz dual-core processor and runs on Android 4.0.4. It will first be offered to developers for about 8,000 Yuan or $1,300 in a couple of months.

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