lenovo-k920-1While Lenovo isn’t exactly a company known for their smartphones, they certainly have been giving it their best shot. In fact Lenovo’s smartphone efforts will most likely increase now that they have announced that they will be buying Motorola Mobility from Google. However how much exactly does Lenovo plan on stepping up their efforts?

Well according to a report from DigiTimes, it seems that the Chinese company plans on flooding the smartphone market this year with as many as 60 devices, and apparently that’s not counting the smartphones that might come from Motorola once they have officially acquired it! The reports also claim that the company also plans on selling as many as 80 million smartphones this year, with the majority of their sales being in China.

Now 60 smartphones is a lot of phones which means that on average, Lenovo would have to release 5 different phones a month, assuming that they started on this path earlier this year. Half the models are reported to feature LTE connectivity, so we can only assume the remainder will only support 3G, or 2G at the very least.

We can’t be sure what kind of photos Lenovo has up their sleeves, although so far we’ve seen efforts like the Lenovo K920 which is a high-end smartphone with a QHD display, and more affordable options like the A805e, but what do you guys think? Will Lenovo succeed simply by flooding the market?

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