mind-rdr-1Google Glass, a piece of wearable technology that has been used in many different ways even before it has become mainstream (including proposing to your loved one), might just gain a new ability thanks to an open source app that is known as MindRDR. Basically, MindRDR allows you to control your Google Glass (albeit to a certain extent) using mind power alone.

Normally, Google Glass is navigated through touch or voice commands, but a company known as This Place that is based in London came up with the open source application that they call MindRDR, which opens up a new dimension for you to interact with Google Glass, via telekinetic abilities.

It will work whenever you wear Google Glass and have Neurosky’s EEG biosensor headset on as well. The MindRDR app will function as a bridge that connects the two devices, where it will perform the rather tricky work of translating brain activity from the EEG biosensor into an executable command that is relevant for Google Glass. Right now, MindRDR will only allow users to snap photos and upload those captured memories onto Facebook or Twitter, but do expect it to be improved in due time when other developers get cracking on it.

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