next-gen-mars-roverNASA is certainly interested to find out what is happening, as well as what has happened on other planets in the past, with Mars being one of them. Having put their Curiosity and record breaking Opportunity rover there before, this does not mean the brains over at NASA have stopped coming up with new rovers for the future. In fact, their upcoming rover to Mars is said to boast of half a dozen wheels with the ability to carry out experiments there.

It will come equipped with super laser and stereo vision, never mind that it will sport a chassis that is not too far different from that of the Curiosity, ensuring it remains stable as it goes about its daily tasks, and having being tested before on the various terrains on Mars itself. Right now, the upcoming rover will be known as the Mars 2020, where it will be on the lookout for any direct signs of life on Mars, which is also known as bio-signatures. Hopefully the Mars 2020’s scientific tools will work just fine on the red planet’s environment.

Some of the accessories that will accompany Mars 2020 include the Mastcam-Z, a high definition camera that delivers stereo vision and zooming ability.

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