Its safe to say that ever since Microsoft detailed Windows Phone 8.1 users of its mobile platform have been anxious to get their hands on this update. Majority of those users will be on a Nokia Lumia device since the company’s devices have a dominant share in the WP market. For those users its going to be rolled out as the Nokia Cyan update. Users in some select markets report that they have begun receiving the Nokia Cyan Windows Phone 8.1 update on their devices.

The reason why this update has a different moniker is because the Cyan update also includes improvements and features that will be exclusive to Nokia’s devices. Though the underlying OS is still very much Windows Phone 8.1 so all of the features Microsoft has promised for this update will be included in Cyan as well.

Numerous reports from users in Taiwan, Spain and Finland have us believe that Microsoft has now started rolling out the Nokia Cyan Windows Phone 8.1 update in select markets. The roll out is likely going to take place in phases to ensure that there are no issues with the software. Gradually it will be rolled out for other markets as well.

One of the first Nokia smartphones to receive the update was reportedly the Lumia 625. Its a departure from tradition since previous major updates have first been released for high-end Lumia phones.

A recent tweet from an official Microsoft account that widespread Windows Phone 8.1 release is destined for the second week of July. At this pace it looks like that particular time frame could very well be spot on.

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