Those who have been following Oculus since the days it was relying on crowdfunding to get its development kit into production are no doubt anxious to get their hands on a VR headset. The company has grown a lot since then, not to mention the fact that it was acquired by Facebook. Work on the development kit has also progressed quite a bit however we still don’t know when a commercial launch will take place. Perhaps before that happens Oculus will ready another product, motion controllers to be precise, which will aid VR headset users to control the experience.

Immersing the user into the VR environment is one of the challenges that companies working in this space have to tackle. Third-party manufacturers have already come up with their own devices such as gloves. While Oculus has made no secret of its work on the Rift headset it hasn’t said anything as yet about motion controllers but it would sense if the company were to make them.

According to CNET Oculus is developing motion controllers that will work alongside the VR headset. The report doesn’t offer many details about what the controllers will actually look like and when they’ll be released, but apparently they’ll use the Rift’s camera to track the position of the user’s hands.

It doesn’t sound that different from Sony’s Project Morpheus which uses the PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move motion controllers to track the user’s position. No word as yet on when Oculus will launch its motion controllers and what they will cost, though folks would rather get to know all this about the Rift headset first.

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