Virtual reality is a fun piece of technology. It immerses people into virtual worlds which is great for gaming. We’ve also seen how it can be therapeutic, and now if you happen to own an Oculus VR headset, it seems that Facebook has finally integrated its Messenger service into the platform.

This means that if you’ve ever wanted to hold a conversation in VR with your friends, you’ll be able to do so using Facebook Messenger. According to Facebook, “Starting this week, we will begin rolling out Messenger on Oculus to people who have logged into Quest and Quest 2 using their Facebook account. With this update, you can choose to chat with your Facebook friends anywhere they have Messenger, even if they’re not in VR. You can reach them without taking off your headset—and they can chat with you too.”

Facebook says that users will be able to chat using a variety of methods, whether you want to type those messages out in VR, select a pre-written conversation starter, or use the voice-to-text feature. It might be a bit odd to chat with friends in VR through this method, but if you do use Messenger a lot, then it could be a more convenient way for you to keep in touch with friends while you’re using the Oculus headset instead of having to take it off and type on your phone.

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