One of the problems with VR is that it’s so immersive that sometimes you can forget your surroundings. It’s also almost impossible to see yourself from the inside, at least until now where a recent update to the Oculus mobile app will give VR users the ability to see themselves in a VR setting.

According to Oculus, “We’re also launching a new Casting feature in the Oculus App on iOS. We call it Live Overlay, and it allows you to look like you’re really “in” VR by layering your real-life self over a live shot of whatever you’re seeing in the headset. Just place your phone on a flat surface and aim it at yourself while casting (or enlist a friend to hold the camera), toggle to Live Overlay and hit record to get started. You can even film in selfie mode so you can check out how you look mid-game.”

Oculus also says that this feature will work in Recording, so if you’re a streamer or are someone with a YouTube channel that posts VR game videos, inserting yourself into the scenery could add an interesting dimension. The update will also be able to use the Oculus Quest’s built-in microphone to capture your voice if that’s your kind of thing.

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