nokia-headquarters-logo-sign-001-630x472The Nokia 3310 has its fair share of memes, and for good reason, too. That particular mobile phone proved to be quite the tough nut to crack, handling drops and knocks without batting an eyelid, never mind that it was not a rugged mobile phone in the first place. This just goes to show the robustness of feature phones of yesteryear, and it is one such feature phone that saved the life of 70 year old Liu Quanming who claimed that his trusted Nokia’s battery lasted long enough to help the search parties locate him after being stuck in a Taiwanese ravine for a good five days.


Liu Quanming was separated from his hiking party on the 20th of June, where he subsequently remained stuck in a ravine after he got lost, slipped and fell down from the mountain. It was a good thing that his 10 year old Nokia handset managed to survive the tumble, and best of all is, its battery managed to last in order for it to receive calls.

Approximately 250 police officers were sent out in the search for Liu, but in the end, rescuers decided to triangulate his location from the phone’s signal. After some time, the search party heard Liu’s phone ringing before discovering his nearby location. As for his physical condition, he apparently suffered from superficial scratches.

While Liu Quanming did not share just which 10 year old Nokia model was he using, a quick look through the Nokia Museum for the year 2004 does have a collection of potential candidates.

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