The Federal Aviation Administration is tasked with coming up with regulations for the use of commercial and personal drones in the U.S. and while its deadlines loom, a new report suggests that President Obama will issue an executive order in the meantime in order to develop privacy guidelines for commercial drones operating in the U.S. The order is reportedly going to put the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, a wing of the Commerce Department, in charge.

Politico has learned that as soon as the order comes through the NTIA would sit down with consumer groups and companies in order to come up with guidelines that govern voluntary best practices for drones in U.S. airspace.

The FAA has received its fair share of criticism over the lack of regulation for drones. Several lawmakers and consumer groups raise privacy concerns about drones violating people’s right to privacy by capturing photo or video of their homes or backyards.

The scribe wasn’t able to find out exactly when the president is going to issue this executive order, officials from the White House declined to comment, but did say that government-wide efforts were being made to coordinate policy on this issue.

The FAA has said that it will issue regulations governing the use of small commercial drones by the end of this year. Congress has already set a deadline for September 2015 by which the FAA has to safely integrate drones in the national airspace.

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