samsunglogoIt is not surprising at all to hear that the folks over at Samsung of South Korea have not stopped even for a moment when it comes to churning out new tablets for the masses. In fact, it does look as though we will be flooded with another two more tablets, considering how the two tablet model numbers have leaked out. Known as the Samsung SM-T360 and Samsung SM-T365, these two models have appeared on the Samsung Scandinavia website, where they might actually be two variants of the same tablet, or it might be a pair of different tablets, albeit sharing a similar size.

Considering how the SM-T33x measures 8” in size, with the SM-T53x measuring 10.1” across diagonally, one can make the assumption that both of the SM-T36x tablets will fall under the purview of the 9” Tab 4 budget tablets, although it would be pretty difficult to tell at the moment until something official is released.

How many Samsung tablets out there are actually worth purchasing, really? Samsung seems to be pursuing a similar strategy to that of their smartphones, by “spamming”, so to speak, the market with a variety of devices in order to snag the widest customer base possible.

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