shazam macFor those unfamiliar, Shazam is an app usually found on phones that allows users to identify songs they hear in clubs, cafes, radio, TV, and so on. Well the good news for Mac users is that it looks like the app has finally made its way onto the platform. As it stands, Shazam is currently available as a Windows 8 app, albeit a full screen one.


The Mac version basically sits in the system tray and does nothing unless you tell it to, making it slightly less intrusive. That being said, users will be able to toggle the app and have it automatically detect songs that it hears in the background. This might come in handy if you’re watching TV or sitting in a cafe with your laptop open.

We reckon some might not be too thrilled about this as it does seem a bit invasive, but if you’re a huge music or TV show lover and just want to know what’s being played, then we reckon the app is probably worth checking out. With it being available on Mac, it seems that Shazam is slowly starting to integrate more with Apple’s products.

Back in June, Apple announced iOS 8 and also revealed that Shazam’s integration with Siri is one of the new and exciting features that we can look forward to this fall, but in the meantime if you’d like to check out the app, you can head on over to the Mac App Store for the download.

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