starbucksSo we know that you can pay for your drinks using the Starbucks app, but it seems that Starbucks plans on taking its app to the next level, going as far as allowing their customers to preorder their drinks so that customers won’t have to stand in line and will be able to grab their drinks and go as soon as they walk in the door.

Of course the program will be undergoing testing and one of the issues they are looking at would be the temperature of their drinks. Because if you were to lineup and get your drink, your drink would be at its optimal temperature. However if barista were to make it before you arrive, and you arrive 10 minutes later, your hot drink would become lukewarm, and your iced drink would become dilute as the ice would have melted.

This is why the system is currently being tested at the company’s Seattle headquarters where they will hopefully be able to come up with a situation that allows as little downtime as possible. According to chief digital officer, Adam Brotman, “We’re trying to get things down to a science.” Brotman also stresses that this is not an experiment and that the company is committed to rolling out this feature nationwide, eventually.

It’s an interesting idea to preorder drinks using apps. It definitely saves a lot of time, especially in the morning when you’re rushing for work, but what do you guys think? Is this a feature you’d like to see Starbucks offer its customers?

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