It is no secret that Yahoo wants to be a major player in the online video streaming niche. The company was initially believed to be shopping for a YouTube competitor before deciding to build a streaming service that offered original content as well. The nascent website is called Screen and now it has fan-favorite TV series to its name. NBC cancelled Community back in May much to the dismay of its fanbase but they’ll certainly be glad to hear that Yahoo has renewed it for a sixth season.

Fans of the show shouldn’t fear drastic changes. Community creator and executive producer Dan Harmon will be at the helm and even the entire talent roster is going to be kept onboard. Community’s sixth season is destined for this fall, comprising of 13 new episodes.

This move follows the announcement Yahoo made in April about producing two new original comedy shows for Screen, one is a sci-fi sitcom called Other Space while Sin City Saints is a comedy show about a pro-basketball team. Yahoo also has veteran TV journalist Katie Couric under its belt, she was poached from ABC last year.

Many would have thought that this would have been a card that Netflix might have gladly played since it did bring back Arrested Development for a fourth season. Looks like either Netflix wasn’t interested or it simply passed the ball into Yahoo’s court, which evidently scooped it up.

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