3dprinted-mac-piWhile I am quite sure that many of us have come up with our very own computer building projects in the past, how many of us have actually thought about printing a computer that we can call our own? Enter the 3D Printed Mac Pi, where this unique 3D printing project will actually be able to hold a Raspberry Pi as well as carry a 2.8” TFT display. Such a tiny display does not mean that it is a pushover – it is capable of emulating Mac OS 7 in order to run old school Mac Apps, where the open-source design happens to be free to download and modify. If you are interested in picking up the 3D Printed Mac Pi, it would be a decent DIY weekend project for those who are interested in electronics and 3D printing.

Combining the power of Raspberry Pi Model B and a 320 x 240 resolution mini touch screen display, this is a relatively easy-to-build project. You can opt to have a service print out the parts for you, or you can opt to bring your 3D printer out for a spin and do it yourself. It will require some bit of assembly and soldering, and the Raspberry Pi has the ability to run a flavor of minivmac while emulating booting into Mac OS 7. With a Mini vMac emulator which will be able to run software for early Macs which were powered by Motorola’s 680×0 microprocessors, there is no need to own a wee bit of original hardware in the first place.

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