beacon-ledYoga is one particular form of exercise that one will be able to indulge in, all the while gaining a peace of mind, as well as getting fit along the way. This is a new concept known as the Beacon LED Yoga Mat which will teach you yoga – which does away with any potential meet ups with a particularly gorgeous instructor, so do take into consideration the real reason for attending a yoga course.

Just how does the Beacon LED Yoga Mat work? For starters, it will be able to “talk” to your smartphone or compatible device over a Bluetooth connection, where it will then guide you through a variety of yoga poses. Sporting LED pressure sensors which are able to tell just where you are placing your feet, hands, and body, not to mention the overall weight distribution, or should you have applied way too much pressure in a particular location, the Beacon will then light up in red. Should you be balanced nice and proper, then the Beacon’s lights will be green, which means amber is the one missing from the crowd.

The Beacon will be made out of PVC foam and plastic, where it will boast of a rechargeable battery that helps to keep it going. Apart from that, the app will also be able to help guide you through a range of yoga poses, in addition to helping you perfect those positions as it tracks your progress. It remains in a development stage though, so it might be some time before it hits the market, if ever.

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