google-for-kidsIs there a particular market niche that technology giant Google has not dipped their fingers into? Apparently not, with Google now targeting children by working on a suite of services that were specially developed for them. In fact, Google is said to be working on a child-friendly version of YouTube as mentioned earlier this morning, in addition to the likes of Gmail that will be specially outfitted for your little ones.

At this point in time, it must be noted that Google services are meant for those who are aged 13 and above according to the terms and conditions, but I am quite sure that many children under 13 already have their very own Gmail and YouTube accounts. If you are under 13 and actually key in your actual birthday when registering for a new account, you will be directed to a page that explains Google’s policy, all the while hooking up to the Federal Trade Commission’s web page which deals with child privacy.

The Wall Street Journal claims that Google’s new child-approved services will enable parents to gain additional control on how their children work with Google’s products, as well as the kind of information that children search for with their time online. This is useful if leveraged to figure out just what children might be interested in when they’re older, don’t you think so?

Apart from that, Google could want to enter the lucrative education market, and just imagine the potential of a Chromebook that has a suite of child-friendly software.

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