ibm-sessionsWho would have thought that sport could actually be transformed into something that is like an art form? This is exactly what the folks over at IBM did – by using tennis data collected over at the U.S. Open, where a ‘Sessions’ app will then make music out the collection of tennis matches there thanks to analytics.

One might think that there is some sort of soothing rhythm to a long rally, and you might be correct in thinking that way after all. IBM has come up with this particular project to show off the power of analytics as well as cloud technology, and the company decided to roll out an online campaign that they call “Sessions” over at the U.S. Open.

Users are able to listen to the various “compositions” made by players as matches at the U.S. Open website go on. The creation of the app was not that simple, but neither was it all that complicated. IBM worked alongside electronic musician James Murphy, and agency partner Ogilvy & Mather New York.

Ann Rubin, VP-branded content and global creative at IBM, said, “For every match that is played, users can listen to music generated from the match in real time. It allows you to engage with our brand in a unique way. Analytics and cloud technology are hard things to explain, so it’s good for us to show these technologies in action, in ways people can understand.”

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