geekbench-leakIt goes without saying that for a smartphone of the iPhone’s pedigree, a slight word about its impending release is bound to draw attention, so much so that one might go nuts trying to figure out just which one can be believed. As we edge closer to November, the upcoming iPhone 6 (which is not its official name just yet, but it is most commonly referred to as that) looks set to arrive with 1GB RAM, which is rather underwhelming since it would be similar to its predecessors, not to mention how other Android-powered smartphones are making the jump to 3GB RAM already.

The image was first spotted by GeekBar before being re-shared by Weibo, which is China’s equivalent of Twitter. In this rumor, it points to possibly leaked papers that show off the hardware schematics of the unreleased iPhone 6. In fact, one of the papers have been titled “POP-FIJI-1GB-DDR-BO-BGA”, which does point out to the possibility that the next iPhone will remain at 1GB RAM. Still, this is one particular leak that everyone ought to take with a pinch of salt.

Is there a reason for using just 1GB RAM? Perhaps Apple’s work at optimizing iOS, which is the mobile OS that the iPhone runs on, is so fantastic that it does not require much RAM in the first place.

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