nyc2011-dre-jimmy-photo-kevin_mazurEarlier this week there were rumors that Apple could be looking to cut jobs at Beats once the deal has been officially completed. Apple has confirmed that there would indeed be job cuts, but according to a report from Billboard, it seems that those cuts have not happened yet. In fact it seems that at the earliest, it will be three months before their jobs are cut.

One of their sources told them, “Every single person is going through Apple orientation, they’re signing up for healthcare.” Based on that, it does seem like some of these employees could be in for a long haul at the company. That being said, it does seem to be in line with a statement that Apple had released earlier.

According to Apple spokesman, Tom Neumayr, he mentioned that they will be offering jobs to all of Beats’ employees. However he also mentioned that due to the fact that some of these positions overlap with one another, there is a chance that some of the positions could be limited in their duration.

This sounds like what Billboard’s sources have informed them where they were told that positions could last anywhere between three months until a year. We guess in some ways this is good as Beats employees will still have a job while they try and search for a more permanent position outside the company. Last we heard, Apple expected to trim about 200 of Beats’ workforce of 700, meaning that almost a third of Beats’ employees will be let go.

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