lapd-droneWhen it comes to the world of drones, much has been said and done about it. National parks certainly do not welcome drones, and now, the Los Angeles Police Department, too, are not too happy nor thrilled with the idea of having drones hover across its stations. According to the LAPD claims, activist Daniel Saulmon was actually “trespassing” when Saulmon flew a drone over a police station at Hollywood, touting that Saulmon was spying on “private property”, at least according to Lieutenant Michael Ling.

Of course, Saulmon is no ordinary citizen who has not had his brushes with the law before, some way or another. After all, he has racked up a history of recording actual police officers who are on duty on ground, which has certainly raised the ire of the police in this case. Saulmon claims that since he did not physically step into a police station, he was not a trespasser – and that law enforcement is not entitled to a similar range of privacy rights as regular individuals.

Having said that, if we were to go by the logic described above, then surely carrying a Skype video conversation in the police station itself might also be attributed to trespassing, no?

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