zelda-monopolyWhen it comes to the board game Monopoly, it must be noted that Monopoly has gone through a fair number of changes in the years, and for a while, it seemed as though board games would end up losing their appeal to the younger generation, no thanks to digital entertainment that becomes a whole lot more inclusive from all aspects of life in this day and age. What better way to rekindle interest in Monopoly than by infusing a popular video game franchise into it? This is what the special Legend of Zelda edition is all about, which will launch this coming September 15th over in the U.S.

GameStop is already starting to receive pre-orders for the limited Legend of Zelda Monopoly edition, where the tabletop game will also bring along with it exclusive in-game content to boot. The standard game comprises of a Monopoly board that is littered with the locations and characters of The Legend of Zelda series.

For instance, Chance cards are now known as “Empty Bottle,” while houses are Deku Sprouts, with hotels being Deku Trees. The Spirit Train would function as one of the transportation utilities to boot, now how about that? As for the now famous tokens, they happen to be made up of the Bow, Hookshot, Boomerang, Hylian Shield and everyone’s favorite, the Triforce. Expect it to retail for $39.99 a pop when it arrives.

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