When it comes to Lego, you know for sure that this bricked educational toy has educated generations of children over the years, letting them explore the creative parts of their minds to be designers and leaders of tomorrow. However, once in a while, a particularly unique Lego creation will be featured, and the Lego Cyborg Arm that you see above is one such example.


Most Lego creations by the average Joe would be far from functional, although it might look really good. The Lego Cyborg Arm, however, straddles the balance between these two “worlds”, so to speak, perfectly. It looks amazing and actually works like a real cyborg arm, although one ought to take note that this is no exoskeleton, so do not expect to perform any kind of heavy lifting anytime soon.

The brainchild of a certain Dave Voltaggio, he has come up with what he calls the “Mark 6″ cyborg arm, where it sports a fairly simple design that has buttons to power it, alongside up and down motors for the fingers, as well as a brace and accompanying lights which definitely places this in the realm of near-genius for a Lego creation. Imagine when you pair this up with a 3D printer.

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