lg-watch-rSo yesterday LG took the wraps off the LG G Watch R which is basically an smartwatch that sports a round face, as opposed to the LG G Watch which has a square-ish face. Unfortunately LG did not mention the price of the LG G Watch, although it seems that they might have let it slip in their German PR.

According to the press release (via Android Police), it seems that LG had stated that the watch would be priced at 299 Euro. Now if we were to do a direct conversion of 299 Euro, it would result in a watch that would be priced around $400 stateside. Now that is a understandably a lot of money to ask for a smartwatch, especially considering the LG G Watch is priced at $229.

However at the same time we expect that different countries will see different price tags and won’t be direct conversions. Assuming that the German PR is correct, we guess those in Germany can expect to pay around 299 Euro for the watch, and while we’re still not 100% sure on how much the watch will cost stateside, we guess you can use the 299 Euro price point to roughly estimate its cost.

Either way hopefully we will hear an official announcement from LG soon regarding the pricing of the LG G Watch R, but out of curiosity, how much would you guys be willing to pay for the LG G Watch R? More, less, or the same price as the LG G Watch?

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