ms-ifixitiFixit is well known to take existing devices, especially recently released ones, only to take them apart and come up with what they call a “Repairability Score”. This tells you how easy it is to remove the back cover and gain access to all of the internals. Well, it seems that Microsoft has been working alongside iFixit for the past one year in order to provide free training to the masses when it comes to “How To” courses – such as repairing cell phones, computers as well as tablets, to those who are thinking about kicking off a repair business.

This relatively new program kicked off as part of an effort to reuse and recycle broken electronics. Not only that, it works great to further lower the need for “virgin” raw materials, which can be pretty costly not to mention threatening to the environment in the long run.

This particular program is under the leadership of Microsoft’s very own Registered Refurbisher Program, where it will work in tandem alongside other refurbishing businesses that will help extend the longevity of Windows-based PCs. Mainly the whole point of this idea would be to “[provide] free online training for people to setup a phone, tablet or PC repair business.” [Press Release]

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