microsoft__logoWhile Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has always been thought of as a joke, Microsoft has made great strides in the past couple of years to help improve the browser, which by now is a pretty decent piece of software and a viable alternative to those who don’t know or don’t want to download a third-party one, like Chrome or Firefox.

However in terms of market share, how well is Internet Explorer faring? Well according to the latest figures by Net Applications, it seems that Internet Explorer is continuing to dominate the browser market with a market share of 58.38%, putting it well into the lead. For those wondering how everyone’s favorite alternatives such as Chrome and Firefox are doing, well they don’t appear to be doing as hot.

Net Applications found that Chrome’s market share is sitting at 19.34% while Firefox comes in third with 15.54%. Of course it helps that Internet Explorer comes bundled with every version of Windows, so for those who use their computers for simple activities or who aren’t as tech savvy, they will most probably end up using Internet Explorer because they don’t think there could be alternatives out there. So what do you guys think? Not too bad for Microsoft, huh?

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