If you’ve been wondering when Minecraft for next generation consoles is going to be released, wonder no more. It has finally been confirmed today that Minecraft for Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita are going to be released in August. Current players will have to pay a small upgrade fee to get the title on the aforementioned machines. For Mojang, putting Minecraft on new consoles is a “serious business.”


Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will feature significantly bigger worlds and a greater draw distance than Xbox 360 Edition. All features from the most recent Xbox 360 title update will be included. Players will be able to import their worlds to Xbox One but saves can’t be transferred between the two consoles, cross platform play between them won’t be possible as well.

All DLC skins and texture packs purchase for Xbox 360 will be available for Xbox One, Mojang will have more to share about DLC transfer. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will cost $19.99. Those who have already bought Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition or have played online with the disc version will be able to get the Xbox One Edition for $4.99. After the titie releases it will be possible to upgrade for a minimum of a year.

Minecraft: PlayStation 3 + Vita edition will include all features from the most recent version which includes online play on the handheld. Those who have already bought the PS3 edition on PSN will get it on Vita for free. Mojang is looking into ways to enable upgrade from Blu-ray disc version. Saves will be transferable between PS3 and Vita and all DLCs will work as well. The title will cost $19.99.

Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition will be available from PSN this August, includes bigger worlds and greater draw distance as well as all features from the current version. Players will be able to import their worlds from PS3 + Vita edition but won’t be able to transfer saves from the next-gen console. Cross-platform play will not be possible. DLC skins and texture packs will be available on PS4 as well, more details on DLC transfer will be provided later. Minecraft: PS4 Edition will cost $19.99. Existing owners can upgrade for $4.99 for a minimum of a year after release.

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