Netflix has been opposed to the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable since the day it was announced. The online video streaming giant today formally petitioned the FCC to put an end to the merger as it would cause “serious public interest harm.” Netflix explains its reasons in a 256-page document which not only points out potential public interest harm, but also aims to establish that the public will have no discernable benefit if both companies are allowed to merge.

One of the examples provided by Netflix lays out how Comcast used the network congestion excuse to move Netflix over to paid interconnections. Netflix has to pay Comcast for these fast lanes so that its subscribers don’t see a drop in streaming quality, it also has similar deals with Time Warner Cable, Verizon and others.

It also claims that since both Comcast and TWC have competing video-on-demand services they will have “incentives to interfere” with other companies like Netflix and Hulu. Netflix isn’t alone is trying to put an end to this merger, many consumer groups have taken the same route and so has the Dish Network. The general public has also become very interested in the net neutrality debate.

As previously mentioned, dozens of arguments have been laid out in Netflix’s petition. TWC and Comcast will definitely have their own responses to all of these concerns so its safe to say that this is far from decided.

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