apple-logo3Not too long ago, we brought you word from an analyst who claims that the upcoming Apple iWatch, which is deemed to be a unicorn-like device of sorts (not for its magical properties, but rather, being part of a fantasy imagination), will not ship until the year 2015. Could that particular analyst be on the right track? After all, there is a report from Recode that cites unnamed sources (how convenient) which tout the potentially revolutionary device will arrive in the market some time in early 2015, which means there will be no iWatch reveal this coming September 9th, and in other words, Apple will also give this year’s key holiday selling season a miss.

Assuming that the iWatch is unveiled this September 9th, but will not go on sale until some time next year, then it would not be a strange move, nor a first time modus operandi from Apple, either. After all, the very first iPhone was announced all the way in 2007, before it began to ship in June, while it took a quarter of a year before the first iPad was sold in the open market after its initial announcement.

Just how different do you think Apple will make the iWatch out to be in order to stand out from the rest of the crowd?

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