starfishThere has been some cases of parents absent mindedly leaving their children locked up in the car while it remains parked under the burning summer sun, only to return later on and collapsing on the ground with grief. Perhaps there is a way to prevent such tragedies from happening, and the £36 Starfish could very well be the answer to such a blight.

The Starfish happens to be a weight-activated sensor which will be able to fit to a child’s car seat, where it is paired to a parent’s iPhone or Android-powered handset via a Bluetooth connection. Whenever it is activated, Starfish will create a ‘geo-fence’ radius around itself, which means should the smartphone actually make its way away from the geo-fenced area, Starfish will get into action and notify the parent. Hopefully if the Starfish becomes commercially successful worldwide, it will see the average days of children dying in a hot car in the US reduced.

As a failsafe, if the parents did not notice the notification on their smartphone, the Starfish will then inform their emergency contacts in a matter of 5 minutes. It is hoped that the Starfish will begin to ship later this coming December, which would make for a great Christmas present, really, don’t you think so?

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